There are some popular tricks that help you with building high-quality backlinks. One of them is finding customer and partner links. If you have business partners you work with or loyal customers that like your brand you can earn links from them. And all of that with relative ease. Another great method to gain backlinks is to publish a blog. This link-building strategy is as much as popular as valuable. Blogs have this unique ability to produce new content on a regular basis, generate conversations and communication across the whole web and earn backlinks from other blogs, too. On the other hand, there are many common mistakes that are better to avoid. What are they?

Link building things to avoid

In order to avoid penalties for unnatural links  - as well known as links spam – Google made it clear what should be avoided at all costs. Buying links or engaging in exchange can seem like a really easy way but doing it can put your hard work and business at risk.  Search engines such as Google or Bing discount the influence of paid links in their search results. Websites that are caught buying or selling backlinks risk severe penalties. Link exchange can also warrant penalties, mostly link exchange at a mass scale with unfamiliar websites. But to link to people that you work with is possible. This type of link exchange is also valuable. You should avoid low-quality backlinks, too. These are usually websites that you pay for the placement there. They used to be a very popular source of manipulation. Search engines found methods that are reducing their impact. They continue to fight with them with human reports or spam reports.  

Links should always be earned correctly. They also should come from an authoritative page. These websites should be topically relevant to your web. Links should always bring your web relevant traffic. And they should be strategically targeted and naturally earned.