Writing an optimized blog for the readers and for search engines requires skill. It can be often difficult and time-consuming. It is necessary to be smart about choosing and writing your topics, in order to keep your readers interested. It is not the same as writing an article because you have to pay attention to SEO rules. A well-optimized blog post should contain great quality content and that requires improving your writing skills.

Think before you write

Before you start writing give yourself enough time to think about what to write in your blog posts and write down your thoughts. The brilliant method is reading articles related to SEO and digital marketing on regular basis and we highly recommend it. When you find an article that is interesting, save it to your notes. It can really help you to improve your writing skills.

When it is time to write, do your own detailed analysis. Focus on what specific topics to cover in the blog posts. Set what is your goal for the blog posts. As soon as you have covered these steps, it will be a lot easier to move on.

Start your work on the blog article by creating a clear structure. Splitting an article into various sections can make your work easier. Every article should have an introduction – to set the topic, a body – main idea, a conclusion – summary of the most important messages. Write down what you want to say in each section and you will get a summary of the article. It can make your work faster and more effective.

Creating a good and interesting title is a very important step for both SEO purposes and user-friendliness. Some bloggers prefer to start with this step and then creating the structure, while others prefer to come up with the title once you have the whole article written. A good title should have a character limit up to 55 – 60 in order to be shown without breaks in search engine results pages (SERP). It should contain your target keywords too. The title of the article should provide an accurate description of the content on the blog. And it should be intriguing enough to make users click on it while being displayed on the search engine results pages.