We can define keywords as ideas and topics that determine what your content is about. In terms of SEO, they are the words and phrases that searchers enter into their search engines. If you shorten everything on your website to simple words and phrases, you would get your primary keywords. It is necessary that you need the keywords on your page to be relevant to what people are searching for. It causes a better chance of finding your content among the results.  

Why are keywords important?

Your goal on search engines is to drive organic traffic to your site from the search engine result page. The keywords you choose to target will determine what kind of traffic you get. Keywords are as much about your content as they are about your audience because you might describe what you offer in a different way than people ask for it. To create content that drives visitors to your website you need to understand the needs of your visitors and that is the language they use and the content they seek.

Keywords are divided into 3 categories: head, body, and long tail.

Head keywords typically contain one word and they have high search volume. They usually have extremely tough competition. Getting to the top of the search engine result page is extremely difficult. It demands of high budget and years of hardworking.

Body keywords are two or three-word phrases that are slightly more specific than head keywords.

Long-tail keywords are longer, they consist of more than four-word phrases, that are very specific. They usually have more clearly defined intent. Long-tail keywords have less competition, with room for a smaller site to break in and make their mark on the search engine result pages.