Software development

Enterprise systems

Digitization of enterprise processes? We develop custom information systems that will optimize the workflow of your company.

Professional web

Do you need a professional custom website? We create web solutions of high quality without using any open-source systems like Wordpress, etc.

IT outsourcing

Developing a project and in lack of programmers? Cooperate with us! Development of single-page or multi-page applications.

How does it work?
1. Communication

Initial conversation with the client, basic requirements analysis, and definition of project objectives.

2. Requirements analysis

Analysis of requirements, determination of the scope of work, definition of the assignment.

3. Assignment definition

Submission of assignment definition and breakdown of costs to the client.

4. Contract

With the approval of the cost breakdown, we will conclude a cooperation contract.

5. Software development

Once documents are signed and conditions agreed upon, we continue with software development.

6. Presentation

Presentation of the created software, in the case of interest also employees training.

7. Testing

Testing the software by the client, final adjustments of the system according to the comments.

8. Deployment

With successful testing of the software by the client, deployment of the solution into production server.

9. Long-term collaboration

Continuance of software development with the arrival of new requirements.

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