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A little about us and our goals

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We are a modern, constantly growing company in the field of corporate software development, based in Nitra in Slovakia. Our team consists of young, motivated, and smart people who are regularly educated in their field and keep up with new technologies. Our main goal is to deliver high-quality custom corporate software for our clients on the international market. With our software, we help companies keep their business efficient. With our systems, we take care of the simple organization of enterprises and company processes, efficient data processing, and constant access to information. We use modern web technologies for software development.

Our team aims for
Client satisfaction
We gather feedback from all our clients on a regular basis so that we can improve our services and enhance the software delivery process. This is how we ensure that our cooperation leads to your satisfaction and that we are a valuable long-term business partner for you.
Fast delivery process
We strive to ensure the fast delivery of the requested software and get feedback from you and the users of your software, which we do thanks to an efficient approach to software development and implementation. We use an MPV approach to deliver the final product, with this approach we aim to save you money and time.
We discuss priorities, and long-term plans and get feedback from all our clients in regular meetings or shared communication channels. We share detailed timesheets with our clients so we can talk openly with you about budget, costs, risks, and opportunities.
We are located in Nitra
We are located at Štefánikova trieda street on the 3rd floor in Nitra, Slovakia
A landscape of Nitra city in Slovakia
We use these technologies for software development
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