eCommerce development

Development of custom eCommerce software

Work with us and let us build for you a professional eshop and a custom eCommerce platform for ever-changing digital environment using modern technologies for web development.

A client-focused approach, technological expertise, and transparent collaboration enable us to provide our clients with high-end result-based solutions.

From the initial idea to the final result of eshop ready for the market, we will ensure that the eCommerce system perfectly matches the needs, values, and business priorities of your business.

We will be happy to help if you:

  • need to create and launch a new eshop
  • run eshop already and need an advanced custom solution
  • are looking for a long-term partner for your eCommerce business
  • need your own IT team for continuous development and support of your eCommerce system
  • seek to automate the processes of your eCommerce business
Loading Speed
Fast loading speed of the eshop on all devices
Process Automation
We advance your eCommerce business with automated processes
Overview & Statistics
Make informed decisions based on advanced analytics
Simple Administration
Content management of eCommerce system using intuitive administration
Modern Design
Attractive design with modern graphic elements
System Monitoring
We take care of system monitoring and we are always ready to help
Build a successful eCommerce business with us
No matter what stage of your eCommerce business you are in, with our eCommerce software development services we are able to fulfill all your business needs and are ready to help you every step of the way.
Two designs of eshop
Development of a brand new eshop

Our team will help you build a robust e-shop with simple administration that is flexible and scalable. From proposing a suitable solution and appropriate technologies to providing highly qualified software developers. Our team keeps in mind important aspects such as design and usability, responsive design, SEO, modern technologies, security, future scalability, and various integration options to help you meet your future business needs.

Seamless launch

Launching an eCommerce website can be difficult as it involves many important aspects and it is important to make sure that your eCommerce software will run smoothly without any errors or glitches. At Demi Studio, our team makes sure that the eCommerce website is built in accordance with your business goals while providing you with guidance, support, and most importantly, feedback during the development of your eCommerce system.

A rocket launching its flight from the ground
Computer screen with an eshop cart
Optimization of eCommerce software

Whether you need to add new features to your eshop, redefine the user interface, improve UX or integrate third-party tools to provide a better experience to customers and unlock new business opportunities, we at Demi Studio can definitely help. Our team will first identify and understand the problem points of your business and then provide you with the most suitable solution to increase the performance of your eCommerce system and increase sales.

Migration of the data

If you have problems with the current eCommerce platform or you have reached the point where you need a customized eshop as an advanced solution and you need to ensure the development of a new platform and the migration of your data to the new platform, we will take care of the development of a new eCommerce system and secure data migration. Our expertise in migrating the content of eCommerce systems, product databases, order history, contact databases, design elements, page configuration, and more allows us to ensure a smooth transfer of your data to the new platform.

Two arrows showing the migration of data between eshops
Automation of tasks
Automation of processes

Several operations and processes of eCommerce businesses can be fully automated or linked with third-party software. Automatic invoicing, inventory monitoring, automated ordering process, importing products from suppliers, linking with accounting software, marketing activities, and much more. Our team will help you with building a custom-made eshop and automating various processes so that you can fully focus on optimizing your business and creating new business opportunities to achieve more profit.

Advanced features

What various features and options you offer your customers is up to you. Wishlist, partner program, price comparison, 3D visualization of products, or others. Our team will take care of the development of the required features for your eshop. Do you need an integrated CRM or even an ERP system directly in your eCommerce system, which is connected to the processes of your eshop? At Demi Studio, we will take care of fulfilling all your requirements. Our goal is to be a long-term and reliable partner for your eCommerce business.

Two screens showing the advanced functionality of eshop
What features can your eshop contain?
payment gateways
automatic invoices
sales statistics
smart search
customer database
warehouse management
import of products
discount coupons
order process
responsive design
API integration
linked to accounting software
partner program
marketing campaigns management
language mutations
linked to price comparators
warranty claim process
linked to social media
invoices export
integrated CRM system
user management
integrated ERP system
live chat
and others...
Development of eCommerce software
Complete development process of the eCommerce software
First, we identify all the requirements for the eCommerce software together during a video call or in a meeting. We will discuss the expected functionality of the custom eshop and how the new eshop will meet your business goals.
Our team will make a deeper analysis of your requirements for the functionality of the eCommerce system. Based on the analysis, we determine the development strategy of the eshop, select the suitable technologies and determine the features of the new eshop and its parts.
Once everything is agreed upon, we will prepare the necessary infrastructure and start the development of the eCommerce software. During development, we will make the eshop available to you so that you can follow the development process and provide us with feedback.
After the development and testing phase, we will take care of deploying the eshop online. We will ensure that the eshop works properly, with a short loading time. If necessary, we will ensure data migration from your old eCommerce platform.
After launching the e-shop on your domain, we will provide you with regular system maintenance. For proper functionality, we will monitor your eshop 24/7 and, if necessary, we will be ready to help you immediately with any problem.
Prolonged partner
In addition to regular maintenance of the eshop and support, we will always be available for the development of new features of your eCommerce system. Our goal is to be a valuable business partner that will help your business move forward.
The development of a custom eshop with us starts from EUR 3,000. The exact price depends on the size of the project, the required features, and the technological complexity of the project.

A list of several factors that affect the cost of eCommerce development:
  • system size
  • required features
  • difficulty of the assignment
  • used technologies
  • integration of third-party systems
The time frame for the design and development of a custom eshop depends on several factors such as the size of the project, the complexity of the solution, the required features, and others.

Development of the fundamental functionality of the eshop will take approximately 1-2 months. In the case of a large project, we can divide the assignment into stages and publish the new features to the production environment gradually. If you have a deadline, we will work to meet it. Contact our team and we will help you find out the approximate time frame for the development of your eCommerce software.
We will find out what assets and materials we will need from you already during the first conversation with you. Most often, it is necessary to supply the logo, preferred colors, static texts (contact information, etc.), and static graphic materials that you would like to use.

If you need to create a logo, other graphic materials, or textual content, we can also help you. We have ongoing cooperation with external workers (graphic designers, UX designers, copywriters, and others).

During the development of the eshop, it will be necessary for you to supply us with access to payment gateways or other third-party software to which you want your eCommerce system to be connected.

During the development of your eCommerce system, we will regularly update the demo of the eshop on our servers. In this way, you will have constant supervision over the development, you will be able to test the developed features of the eshop and you will be able to effectively provide us with feedback directly during the development of the project.
Yes of course!

All eshops and eCommerce software created in Demi Studio are fully responsive. Visitors to your eCommerce platform will see your eshop correctly on all devices.
Certainly yes!

After launching the eshop, we provide support and regular maintenance of the system. In addition, as part of support and maintenance, we monitor all eshops and eCommerce software 24/7 and make sure that your eshop is always functional. In case of any problems, we will be notified by the monitoring software and we will take care of solving them immediately.

If you need to develop a new eshop functionality or expand the infrastructure, we are always at your disposal. Our goal is to be your long-term business partner who will take care of all the obstacles and challenges of your eCommerce business.
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