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Reflect your brand with a professional website

We build professional websites made to your requirements, that reflect your brand values and provide your customers with all the information they need. Here at Demi Studio, we make custom professional websites to help companies flourish and stand out in a competitive industry. A custom website gives you maximum flexibility and the ability to upscale your website as your organization grows.

The team at Demi Studio consists of highly professional software developers who create high-end website solutions with all the needed features, high performance and great looks. We rely on active communication during the development process, you have a say in how your website looks and what functionality it offers.

Our team at Demi Studio goes further by offering ongoing maintenance services to help you keep your website functioning and always updated with the newest digital technology. We aim to be a valuable business ally and more than just a web development company.

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Website delivery
The process of launching your website
Firstly, we identify your requirements and preferences in a meeting or a video call. We will discuss how the website should look, its functionality, and how it will help your company meet its goals.
Our team will do a deeper analysis of your requirements. We will use our research to define a strategy for creating the website according to your specifications and to calculate the price.
Design Concepts
Our team will share with you the design concepts and ask for your feedback. This will help us understand your design requirements and we are ready to deliver a website made with your needs in mind.
Once everything is settled, we will start the development of your website, following best practices to ensure a quality product. Our development team uses the latest technologies to always deliver high-end results.
When the website is ready, we will launch your website online. We will ensure the website is running properly at high-performance levels. In case of any unforeseen issues, we will make sure that everything is corrected.
Our team will continue to work with you, providing maintenance to ensure your website continues to meet your business needs. We will monitor the website 24/7 to make sure it's running properly. In addition, we will take care of any problems that might occur.
Benefits of working with us
Leave your digital branding to us while you run your business
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Our team creates highly optimized websites without unnecessary code. We pay attention to technical SEO optimization, page load time, and images with optimized size and format. We will ensure the short load time of your website.
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In Demi Studio we develop website solutions that come with your own CMS (Content Management System) to give you full ability to work with the content of your website. When your business needs change, we are at hand to develop new features and parts of your CMS and website.
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At Demi Studio we create fully responsive websites. Our developers will make sure that your website is displayed correctly in any resolution and on every device. Visitors of your website will have a smooth browsing experience.
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Modern design
We give your website attractive looks while keeping in mind the best user experience for your visitors or potential customers. Attract more customers to your business with a modern website and your digital branding.
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Our team will monitor your website 24/7 with real-time monitoring software. We will make sure that your website is always running. In case of unexpected issues, we will be ready to solve your problems immediately.
The price of the website depends on the scope of the project and the amount of work spent on the project. During a meeting or video call with you, we will identify your requirements for the website and expected functionality. After the analysis of the requirements by the programmer, we will send you a price list of the works. The whole process until receiving the price list is non-binding and costs you no money.
The duration of the project development depends on its scope. We can tell you the approximate length of the project after the first interview. After a detailed analysis of your requirements by the web developer, we will provide you with the exact deadline of the project.

For small presentation company websites, our development standard is 1 month. The length of project implementation can be different for individual projects, it depends on the amount of work. During our practice, we acquired the ability to estimate and set the exact deadline for project implementation after analysis of your requirements.

During the creation of the website for you, we will publish the project on our servers and update it regularly. Throughout the development process, you will have access to the current state of the project and can provide us with feedback.
During the entire development process of your website, you will mainly communicate with the project manager. If necessary, it is possible that you will also communicate with other team members.

Your new website also includes its own CMS system for website content management. Thanks to this, you will be able to easily and quickly manage the content of the website yourself. When the website is launched, you will receive credentials to your CMS system.
Yes of course!

All websites created by us are fully responsive, and website visitors can view them correctly on any device.

After the website is launched, we will provide you with full support and maintenance of the website. We will monitor your website 24/7. We will make sure that your website is constantly functional, and achieves maximum performance and a short loading time. In case of unexpected problems, we will be notified by the monitoring software and we will solve them immediately.
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