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Outsourcing of software developers

Are you developing a project and lacking software developers? We offer you the help of our software developers in the form of outsourcing. Our software developers are highly skilled in the software development of web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications, and cloud solutions.

Our software development outsourcing services are suitable for startups, smaller and medium-sized companies, as well as large companies with different focuses. We offer a flexible approach to working with our customers to ensure we meet all your requirements and needs. Our developers are able to work on projects of various sizes and complexities.

Advantages of outsourcing software developers with us:

  • access to highly qualified software developers
  • team of software developers led by an experienced tech lead
  • focus on your business activities and we will take care of software development
  • you will save costs on employees and infrastructure
  • possibility to choose from a wide range of technologies and platforms
  • opportunity to build your own team of software developers under experienced guidance
Collaborate with us
Our team
From our side

From our side, we take care of all practical matters, from assigning our software developers or recruiting new software developers, to covering the needs of the assembled team, such as training, leading the team, providing equipment for work, etc.

Our clients are freed from any operational obligations since software developers and dedicated teams are contracted by Demi Studio. So you can fully concentrate on the development process of your final product.

Talk with client
From your side

On your part, the only responsibility is to communicate regularly regarding the specifications and functionality of the product being developed. You have complete freedom in compiling the requirements for functionality and parts of the software being developed. You can expect feedback and recommendations from us to achieve the maximum quality of the final product.

You can scale your development team when needed and expect a quick response to your requests.

During software development, you communicate with the team management and have full control over the direction of the project and the compilation of specific tasks.

All software developers track working time into a system that you will have access to. You will get a constant overview of information - time worked on a specific task, description of the activity, name of the team member, date, etc.
The price of hiring software developers is calculated as the time worked for the previous month multiplied by the company's hourly rate. At the beginning of each month, you will be issued an invoice for the previous month.

To find out current hourly rate of our company, please contact our team.
How many software developers you hire is up to you. Whether you need to hire a software developer for just a few hours a month, or you need to assemble a team of multiple members, we will be fully at your disposal.

We can assemble a multi-member team of software developers, which will be available exclusively to you and will be responsible only for your projects.
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Contact us and we will arrange a meeting or an online video call to discuss your project.

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