Software development

Development of Enterprise Systems

We develop custom enterprise systems that digitalize the processes of your company.

Having a hard time with the ineffective organization of your company? Here at Demi Studio, we help you with your company organization, management, and workflow to become more efficient by implementing high-end software solutions.

Let your employees share and work with data in a single system, with access from anywhere.

Advantages of the work with information system?

  • efficient organization of your company
  • processing and sharing data in a single system
  • decreasing your costs
  • higher labor productivity and employee efficiency
  • access data from anywhere
  • overview of everything
  • corporate resource planning
Optimization & automation
Efficient workflow with automated and optimized processes
Efficient data processing
Integration of all processes and data into one system
Analysis & reports
Informed decision-making thanks to advanced analysis and reports
Complete overview
Complete data overview of your company
Simplify Administration
Streamline your administration and paperwork
Lower costs
Achieve lower costs and higher profit with work automation
Our approach
Simple & Efficient
Tangled thread depicting the process of developing an Enterprise system
Curved brace pointing the tangled part of thread to understanding the problem
Understand the problem
  • Definition of the client’s problem
  • Deep discussion and analysis
  • Talk with the development team
  • Define goals of the final product
Curved brace pointing the slightly untangled part of thread to designing the solution
Design the right solution
  • Define system parts and key functions
  • Determine the scope of work
  • Choose the right technologies
  • Plan the development
Curved brace pointing the untangled part of thread to developing the software
Develop & implement software
  • Set up processes for Agile development
  • Set up infrastructure, CI/CD
  • Prepare staging environment
  • Release demos during development
Software delivery
The entire software development process
Firstly, we identify your requirements in a meeting or a video call. We will discuss the expected functionality of the system and its parts. We will discuss how it will help your company meet its goals and what value will it bring.
Our development team will do a deeper analysis of your requirements. We will use our research to define a development strategy, choose technologies and determine the key functions of the system and its parts.
Project definition
We will share with you the document of the system definition that contains a description of system parts and functions, the plan of the development process, expected software releases, and the expected scope of work.
Once everything is settled, we will send you a contract of collaboration. We will set up a communication channel for regular feedback. Every month you will receive a report of the tracked time of the whole development team.
After the contract is signed, we will set up all the necessary processes and infrastructure, and we will begin the development process. There will be regular demo releases to a staging environment and you can give us regular feedback.
Throughout the development process, we provide demo releases on a regular basis. When the system is ready to be launched in a production environment, we will have a presentation session followed by a testing session.
After the successful testing sprint, we will deploy the software to the production environment. We will ensure the system is running properly at high-performance levels, and that there aren't any unforeseen issues.
Once the system is released in the production environment, we will provide you with system maintenance including also 24/7 system monitoring, being ready to solve any unexpected issues, and support for system users.
Prolonged partner
Besides maintenance and support, we will always be at your hand to develop new parts and features of the system. We aim to be your valuable business ally who helps your business thrive.
Why do you need an Enterprise System?
Automate processes & optimize workflow

The term information system refers to any system for collecting, processing, storing, and presenting data. In the past, there were e.g. paper files at doctors or paper files that company employees used to share and process information with each other. Today, it is a software solution that no growing company can run without.

When you want to save costs, optimize and minimize redundant activities, and automate processes, having an information system is a must. This is not just a financial saving, it is an investment that will advance your company and free you from often error-prone and lengthy manual activities. The enterprise information system will optimize and digitize your administration, and make your employees more efficient, which will lead to reduced costs and increased profits.

ERP systems

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is not a new topic in the business world. It is a standard that has been used by companies for many years to manage, plan and organize the entire operation of the company. The ERP system represents a unified corporate information system. This comprehensive system handles everything from the stock system, customer relationships, finance management, logistics management, and employee management to advanced data analysis and reports.

CRM systems

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a system for managing customers, or a system for managing relationships with customers. It is a specific information system that collects and stores information about the company's customers. It thus provides a comprehensive overview of communication between the customer and the seller, purchases, and all customer activities. It is suitable for B2B and B2C businesses. It can be used independently or as part of the ERP system.

Examples of custom software include:
  • eCommerce and mobile apps
  • ERP systems
  • Customer-facing web portals
  • Banking and financial applications
  • Delivery services apps
  • TMS systems
  • Real-time tracking software
  • Healthcare apps
  • Social media platforms
  • CRM systems

Any software with specific requirements developed for organizations or other clients customized for a specific target market is custom software. Its features, functionality, and purpose vary from the client's requirements.
In most cases, custom software projects range somewhere between €10,000 and €500,000 for design and development.

It's a wide range, and probably not that useful because the software can mean anything from a notes app on your phone, through an enterprise billing system to a complex SaaS platform that supports millions of users. No two custom-built applications are the same.

Here are some factors affecting software development costs:
  • size of the project
  • number of system parts and features
  • design complexity
  • technology stack
  • third-party integrations
  • required development velocity
The approximate time frame to design and develop any software depends on its type and complexity.

If you have a deadline, we will work hard to meet it. You can consult with our team to know the approximate time-frame to develop your software.
Most of the time meeting isn't necessary.

We are used to discussing most of the projects through video call platforms, chat platforms, calls, or emails.

However, if the situation requires it or if you prefer to talk the project over in a meeting, we will sit with you and analyze your requirements together in person.

During the development process, we will regularly release demos of the software into a staging environment, where you will be able to test the software and give us constant feedback.

You will be an integral part of the development from the start to the review before the release date into a production environment.
The main advantage of a custom software solution is that the software is a unique custom-made system or application built to your specific requirements and your business needs.

Some other benefits include customization, scalability, security, flexibility and reliability. In general, we can say that custom software is a smart long-term investment for any kind of business.
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